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November 11 2014

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Personal Branding

Business, Dubai, personal branding

So the “Wolf of Wall Street” is all about an unscrupulous salesman who made millions by cheating people out of their life savings. Recently I saw a Dubai based Insurance person taking their photo with the real life Wolf and posting it on Facebook.

June 25 2013

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Using food to grow your network

Business, Networking, video

Eddie Esposito has cooked for 4 ex-Presidents of the USA and Pop stars including Mariah Carey. Now he takes his skill into new a territory and helps us to build relationships and networks. Please share your FOOD stories and experiences. Eddie is recognized as one of the worlds leading authorities on growing your business by […]

April 30 2013

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

How are we showing up?

A few years ago I met a guy at a networking event who told me that he helped make good companies great. As we were talking my senses were assessing him. He had a frayed shirt collar; a button was missing on his button down collar. His tie had coffee stains and his top left […]

February 24 2013

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

John Gray gives tips on networking

I recently chatted to John Gray author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” I share with you some great tips on how to network with the opposite gender and build relationships. Have you experienced this or similar please tell me?

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