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June 17 2019

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Expectation vs. Reality: What starting a business is really like

It seems like everyone’s hungry for new opportunities these days. There are countless business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs out there, all looking for a chance to bite off their own chunk of the market. The biggest generation in the world today is the millennials, and 68% of them say that they’ve considered starting their own […]

April 10 2019

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

6 Simple Steps For Your Business Plan Template

Business, business coaches, business plan, business secrets, Business start up, business tips, Networking, personal brand, personal branding, relationship marketing, Tips

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Then you’re going to need a startup business plan template. The digital world and the availability of the internet means that ambitious individuals all over the world have access to unlimited opportunities. You can sell virtually anything these days, including services, skills and even knowledge. However, the […]

July 3 2017

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Walk the Talk for Success in Business

business coaches, business tips, Networking, Passion, rebelnetworker, referral marketing, timekeeping

No matter how good a company or individual claims their service or product is. Invariably it is in “walking the talk” that we see the true meaning of a person or businesses metal. “Actions speak louder than words” is the quotation we all know. In my years in business, I have often seen companies charging […]

May 30 2017

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

How to get more followers on Instagram

More followers is what we are all after here are some great tips Instagram is where everyone wants to be right now—400 million people and 90 percent of brands worldwide have accounts. If you regularly post on this social platform, you’ve taken the first step. The next is building a following so the time and […]

June 9 2015

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

I am listening – Honest

Business, Dubai, Networking

One of the things I have noticed as a trainer, is that when we see people taking notes “writing’ we are happy because we are getting through to them. What we are saying is important. If we see them doing the same thing on their mobile phone , often my first thought is they are […]

April 24 2015

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

A Burger is a Burger unless…

family, fun

I took my nephew to a local restaurant, mOre in Dubai. I go there especially for the experience of this burger. While the burger is a great burger, it may or may not be any better than any other. What gets me there is the experience. I think has face says it all. In our […]

June 26 2014

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

A Motivating Mission

cafe, local community, loyalty, mission, serve

I recently walked into this amazing local business in Santa Rosa, California. It is run by a 75 year old man who gets up every day to serve his local community. We met a lady there who was off to pick up donuts so that she had a welcome gift for her family who were flying in.

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