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May 5 2019

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Common Startup Mistake #3: The E Myth

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For a couple of weeks now, we’ve been addressing some of the common startup mistakes that entrepreneurs face. More than 30 years ago, a man named Michael E. Gerber wrote a book called the “E-Myth.” The book addressed some of the reasons why enterprises fail, and what modern business owners could do about them. Although […]

June 26 2014

Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

A Motivating Mission

cafe, local community, loyalty, mission, serve

I recently walked into this amazing local business in Santa Rosa, California. It is run by a 75 year old man who gets up every day to serve his local community. We met a lady there who was off to pick up donuts so that she had a welcome gift for her family who were flying in.

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