How Mars And Venus Should Network with Dr John Gray

Runtime 3m 1s · Views 3 · April 15, 2014

Dr John Gray is the bestselling author of ‘Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus’. He’s also seen as possibly the world’s foremost relationship coach.

In this exclusive interview he shares everything.


• Insights into better business relationships
• How to understand office dynamics with clarity
• Why you might not be getting the most from our personal life

Don’t blink in case you miss something of vital importance.

About Speaker

Phil Bedford holds a master’s degree and brings over a decade of experience in sales training, business development and consulting to his role as Master Trainer at the Institute. Phil helps professionals live more and earn more through relationship-based referral marketing. With his business acumen and extensive experience in the market since 1998, Phil is currently expanding the franchise across the Middle East region.

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