How To Make The Right Selection

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Imagine having Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Ron Kaufman and Allan Pease as personal friends who popped round for dinner whenever they were in town?

The Right Selection have been bringing the vey best speakers into the Middle East and India for over a decade and created an amazing network of the finest businesses, companies and experiences.

My very good friend Gautam Ganglani, his father Ram and a small team of dedicated staff have been bringing incredible value to the business community?

He shares his insights into
– what makes a great network
– how to create an awesome speaker experience
– the best ways to create amazing long term relationships

You can connect with Gautam and discover some of the very best speaker event in the calendar through

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About Speaker

Phil Bedford holds a master’s degree and brings over a decade of experience in sales training, business development and consulting to his role as Master Trainer at the Institute. Phil helps professionals live more and earn more through relationship-based referral marketing. With his business acumen and extensive experience in the market since 1998, Phil is currently expanding the franchise across the Middle East region.

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