How To Use Your Network to Cater For Every Taste With Eddie Esposito

Runtime 2m 10s · Views 2 · October 30, 2014

One of the founders of the Referral Institute is renowned chef Eddie Esposito. Eddie’s prestigious clients include Mariah Carey and Michelle Obama.

He also shares with me the moment when he realized what was missing from his business and exactly how to get it.

Of course we share this with you in this interview…

• You have other options.
• People want to help you.
• Sometimes the participation is reward enough

Watch the entire (very short) interview now.

About Speaker

Phil Bedford holds a master’s degree and brings over a decade of experience in sales training, business development and consulting to his role as Master Trainer at the Institute. Phil helps professionals live more and earn more through relationship-based referral marketing. With his business acumen and extensive experience in the market since 1998, Phil is currently expanding the franchise across the Middle East region.

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